My Childhood:

I was born and brought up in a lower middle-class family. Money was always a big problem in my life. The only thing I knew while I was child to get rid of my poverty was to work hard, get well educated, perform well in academics. I was a good student since the beginning and was always top either it might be in school or my college.

After I was done with my +2 I decided to take up my graduation and try get a good job in some reputed MNC. I am a very enthusiastic person and always try to explore something new. However I was not satisfied with the lifestyle I was going through, I always wanted to come up with something new and unique that can satisfy my ego. Then I started developing some unique skills like Magic, Swimming, Hacking and Programming etc.

Then I joined few Facebook Groups related to Technology, there I started helping people fixing their computer related problems. In no time I have got lot of Fame and my blog also started getting some good readership. At that time I didn’t knew there exists something called SEO.

One of my fellow bloggers said me that I am not implementing any kind of SEO practices on my blog, then I started exploring more about SEO and traffic generation methods. In a span of 4 months I was able to drive some decent traffic to my site via Search Engines and Social Media but my earnings were literally zero.
Slowly I started making money. It was very tough period though. On a fine day I received a check of Rs 300($6 Approx) from an advertising network. This gave me the confidence that I can earn money through Internet. Then I got $100 check from Infolinks, after that it didn’t stop. It went on increasing by 20-30% month by month.

What’s going on right now in my life?

Currently I am undergoing a very hectic schedule with lots of work and pending works on my desk. I also started organising seminars workshop. Also started a training program for newbies to help them make money online.


Future is always unpredictable, we don’t know what can happen the next moment. I just want to enjoy and give my best for the present moment. Anyways my future plans are just to develop my company and turn it into a million dollar company.


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